If you will be having a new business card printed, and have not been happy with the response your old cards received, you probably need information about what makes a good business card and only then you should go out and find a reputabable and good canadian printing company to get your fresh set of business cards.

After all, by making just a few changes to your business card design, it can become much more effective and memorable than ever before.

A striking design — The first thing you should be looking at is how striking your business card design is, as one that is unusual will definitely stand out.

Spend some time researching business card designs before you decide on your own, and make sure the one you choose is not similar to many other designs.

Simple is best — Some people decide to go for an extremely involved design on their cards. While this will usually be unusual, a complicated design can often be confusing as well. This is why it pays to keep your business card design as simple as possible. Simple stands out. Simple is easier to design and easier to implement, and simple tends to stick in the recipient’s mind. Especially if the design is also interesting.

High-quality cardstock — As business cards are nothing more than small pieces of card to hand out to people so that they have your contact information, many business people scrimp on the quality of their cards. This is never a good idea.

A low-quality card will bend and tear easily and will quickly become shabby. When it does, it will be the first card a recipient will throw away. Choose a high-quality cardstock, however, and your card will not only look much nicer, it will stay in pristine condition for longer as well.

A professional ink color — While it may be tempting to choose a purple or red ink color in order for your card to stand out, this will rarely end up in a good business card design.

Instead, not only go with a simple design, but also use a professional ink color like blue, grey or black. This will cement in the recipient’s mind that you and your company are highly professional, and thus likely to do a professional job if they hire you.

An interesting shape — Although a typical oblong-shaped business card is what most people choose, you can design your card so that it is an interesting shape. This will make it stand out for anyone that is given one.

If you do this, however, make sure the card is still within a typical business card size. That way it can still be stored with other cards in everyone’s wallet that you give a copy to.

Look at shapes that describe what your business does. A card in the shape of a book for a bookshop, or one in the shape of a dog for a pet grooming company. These are often easy and inexpensive to have done, yet the people you give them to will often love them more than any other cards they are given.