The metaverse is a word used in the context of virtual reality, often to describe a 3-dimensional virtual space that is only accessible with the use of a headset or computer. It has yet to be made available online and in full, though there are already some metaverse companies operating within the space. The metaverse is a common concept used in science fiction.

The first use of the term appears to be by Neal Stephenson in his book “Snow Crash” (1992). The idea is similar to that of a networked computer system, but in a three-dimensional environment. Metaverse has also been used in other contexts, as an abbreviation for “metabolic universe”, and as, more broadly, a metaphor for all of existence.


The metaverse was originally intended to be an immersive virtual reality experience, but with the advent of cheap computing power and Internet access it has since been applied to the Internet as a whole. People have suggested that the concepts behind virtual reality would eventually become mainstream and create an environment that exists between technology and humanity.


Metaverse refers to a 3D virtual reality that is portrayed on a 2D screen. The word metaverse was created in 1992 by Neal Stephenson and has been used in science fiction novels, such as Snow Crash, in relation to the Internet. Metaverse can also be used to describe things such as discussions on the internet, web pages and social media sites where people share their interests.


The term metaverse refers to the interconnectedness of all things: the relations between self and world or between things; within the object (its state) and outside it (its relationships).


The metaverse is used to describe the 3 dimensional virtual world that is projected from a 2D image on your computer. It consists of all of the information that exists across all forms of communication (such as email, writing, music, movies etc.) and in physical form (books, paintings, sculptures etc.).


In 1992 Neal Stephenson coined the word Metaverse when he wrote Snow Crash. The word became more widely known after being used as an acronym for metaphor to describe Metaphor as a Device in 2002 by Jason Rosenhouse and Robert Kargon. The metaverse has also been referred to as the aesthetic movement to make art more interpretable through technology and computers.


The Metaverse is the latest evolution of virtual reality and the way in which we experience the world through technology. It is a virtual world that is projected from your computer screen to create an immersive 3 dimensional experience. It exists within a wider social, cultural and psychological context. It could be seen as a meta-level on which we can have conversations about our experiences or share them with other people.